BuzzCard Forms

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Account Management

BuzzCard Account Closure Form
This form is used when you are leaving Georgia Tech (graduation, withdrawal, or termination of employment) and you need to close your BuzzCard Account while funds are still available. Please note: There normally is not cash withdrawal from a BuzzCard account. A withdrawal of funds is only available for individuals who are closing their BuzzCard Debit Accounts because they are leaving Georgia Tech. Please note: Refund requests can take up to 30 days to process. Print out two copies Fill out both copies and submit one copy to the BuzzCard Center. Keep the second copy for your records.‚Äč

BuzzCard Debit Account Deposit Form
This form is used when making deposits to your BuzzCard Debit Account at the BuzzCard Center. This form does not need to be used when making deposits at a Value Transfer Station (VTS) or online. Print out two copies. Fill out both copies and submit one copy with your deposit to the BuzzCard Center. Keep the second copy for your records.

BuzzCard Service

BuzzCard Equipment Reservation Form
This form must be filled out prior to requesting BuzzCard readers for on-campus student or departmental events. All equipment is on a first come-first serve basis.

gtID# Request Setup Form
This form is used to request access to the gtID# Request system. It must be approved by your departmental supervisor. Please fax completed form to 404-894-2049.

TechStuff eMarketplace Reservation Form
Use this form to sell items on the TechStuff eMarketplace. Please follow the directions carefully. Programs and events must be associated with official Institute business or approved Student Organization activities. Sales transactions will not be accepted that result in sales tax or unrelated business income tax (UBIT) obligations. Requests are subject to potential review by legal and/or compliance staff. This form may be submitted electronically.

Card Production Form

Card Production and Meal Plan Order Form for Institute Guests, Conference Services, and Special Programs
This form is used to order Georgia Institute of Technology BuzzCards and meal plans for Institute guests, campus affiliates, Conference Services program attendees, Institute Summer Camp and Special Program Participants. If a meal plan is required, a $25 per session fee applies for meal plan administration. Cards may not be reused. A separate form must be submitted for each program session requiring separate enrollment. Participants picking up their BuzzCard from the BuzzCard Center must present a BuzzCard Participant Identification Form to received their BuzzCard.

Note: Cost for a proximity RFID card is $30. A proximity RFID card is required for all door and gate access privileges, including the Campus Recreation Center.

Participant Identification Form: Special Programs
Please use this form in conjunction with the Special Programs Card Production and Meal Plan Order Form as a program participant identifier. BuzzCard requires each participant to present this form at the time of card creation.